A long sheet of glass divides two parts of the world. When the glass was created society would rest aside on one side of the glass while the other held only one. It was decided that humans, as a whole, could live prosperous and carefree if just one soul could carry all the burden. All the hearts would become taint-less if just one strong heart could hold all the pain of humanity. This is the tale of a lone young woman who is chosen to live on the other side of the wall. Destine to live alone for all eternity until her time is up, but could there be a way for both sides to be happy? Could long lasting traditions finally be broken from their chains? Or shall something entirely new escalate from expectant events? I'll try to do updates every Friday, though it may vary.


March 24th, 2014, 4:04 pm

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So many things could be said for just this one page.
1. Sorry it took me FOREVER for starters
a. I tried to attempt another way of coloring the panels
i. It did not go according to plan
ii. I will not be trying it again
2.ALLLL the activities I've been involved in has prevented me from working
a.Working/Running a 5k
b.Getting things ready for when I transfer [jr. college to senior college]
i.Also just got back from a trip from visiting the college (6 hr drive)
3.This page has also made me decide to try going, again, another route in getting the panels done.
a. It's taking me far too long to complete a single panel
b. You guys deserve better, even if I get really busy
c.The backgrounds and color might be lost in the process (backgrounds yes� coloring� not too sure)

All and all I thank everyone who has given me support in this side project of mine, and appreciate all of you who read and support this comic. I'll try putting better effort into making the pages better and more worth wild.

Just to keep the spark alive, 48 pages of script has been written and I'm so excited in the direction that it is heading! I want to skip ahead so bad so I can share it with you guys, but we'll get there eventually ;).

Happy reading!!

p.s Again please forgive the horribleness of this page!!

posted on March 24th, 2014, 4:19 pm


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