A long sheet of glass divides two parts of the world. When the glass was created society would rest aside on one side of the glass while the other held only one. It was decided that humans, as a whole, could live prosperous and carefree if just one soul could carry all the burden. All the hearts would become taint-less if just one strong heart could hold all the pain of humanity. This is the tale of a lone young woman who is chosen to live on the other side of the wall. Destine to live alone for all eternity until her time is up, but could there be a way for both sides to be happy? Could long lasting traditions finally be broken from their chains? Or shall something entirely new escalate from expectant events? I'll try to do updates every Friday, though it may vary.

The Finding…. of the Cord..

February 7th, 2014, 9:56 am

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Hey guys! I'm sorry its been so long!! As you can see our lovely Mina has finally found my cord, so now "I" can get back to work haha! (No promises on weekly updates though because of school and all, but I WILL find a way to make it up too y'all!)

Have a wonderful day~!

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